We help artists and content owners to develop, market, and distribute their work.
Methods are always project specific, but often include the following:

– Establishing artist-owned labels
– Creating direct and custom distribution solutions
– Managing and coordinating marketing efforts between multiple companies
– Negotiating / Renegotiating agreements
– Extracting effort from neglectful companies
– Reclaiming masters from delinquent companies
– Mining value by creating product from archival materials
– Securing lucrative media placements and branding opportunities

ACC provides management of all phases of your project’s life cycle:

  • Discovery: Content, rights and revenue assessment. Learn about your goals.
  • Development: Concept, production, editing, mastering, budget & project management
  • Preparation: Contracts, licensing, clearances, packaging, team assembly, manufacturing
  • Distribution: Digital & physical worldwide, target markets, or exclusive relationships
  • Marketing: Leverage opportunities to maximize brand awareness and sell-though with emphasis on co-branding and non-traditional methods.
  • Maintenance: Sales & supply chain, royalty reporting, on-going business affairs
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